Immortals of Aveum - Patch Patch Notes

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Immortals of Aveum - Patch Patch Notes

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Hey Battlemages! 


An update with a hot fix for New Game+ is headed your way today, November 21st, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. We’re continuing work, bringing even more fixes and improvements to Immortals of Aveum, so stay tuned!  


Key Fixes: 

  • New Game+ is now unlocked for all players who have reached the “Epilogue” objective. This resolves an incident where some players would be locked out of accessing New Game+ despite meeting the requirements. 
  • Removed the text that appears above the New Game+ altar outside of Glaivegate. 


General Updates:

  • Fixed instances of occasional crashes, particularly on minimum or below minimum spec machines 
  • Resolved an issue where respawning during a reload animation sometimes prevented Jak from being able to fire the sigil. 
  • Convinced a stubborn Swordsman to gracefully accept his fate when falling to his death inside the Holosteric Shatterfane so players can progress with the fight.  
  • Fixed an occasional issue where players would respawn in a freefall inside the Wild Fane. 
  • The Hand of Sandrakk’s mastery of Blue magic grows and she is now immune to Vortex. This also addresses an issue in New Game+ where using Vortex against The Hand could cause a bug that prevented the fight from progressing. 
  • Various performance improvements throughout the game. 

See the previous update’s patch notes here

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