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Superuser Program - FAQ

by EA_Arcadia

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Superuser Program - FAQ

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Here you find answers to the most common questions asked about the Superuser Program!


How do I recognize who is in the program?

Heroes and Champions can be recognized by a special title and star badge on their replies like so:


A currently inactive Hero or Champion can be recognized by their "retired" title and faded star badge:


There is also a full list of Heroes and Champions available. 


How do I join the program?

Monthly we will have meetings to decide which users will gain the Champion rank based off of suggestions from Heroes and staff.


What are the benefits of being in the program?

The program offers us a way to recognize and celebrate our biggest contributors of the Answers HQ Community. The main benefit is that these users posts are more visible in threads. Some of the other benefits can include:

  • Direct communication access to EA Staff
  • Spontaneous Physical and Digital gifts
  • Invitation to provide feedback on upcoming features
  • Ability to add a signature to your posts

I understand English but my main language is something else, can I be involved with the program?

Of course, the program is offered to all Answers HQ Supported languages. While majority of our day-to-day communications are in English we are staffed to facilitate other languages. Key communications and announcements will generally be available in all Answers HQ Supported languages.


Do I have to be active in more than one board? How active do I have to be in general?

We are understanding that not everyone will like every game, and thats a-okay, being active in one or two boards is enough. In terms of activity level, there is no set requirement to be considered, if you are answering a few threads with high quality, this means as much as answering multiple at a lower quality level.


What is the difference between Heroes and Champions?

Champions is our starting rank for users to join the program under, Hero is the advanced rank. Heroes have slightly more privileges than Champions as they have learned the ropes of the program and earned that privilege. Heroes gain access to some forum maintenance rights. 


How long does it take to become a Hero after joining as a Champion?

There is no set time limit. Users are leveled up to Hero based on their quality, uniqueness, activity, communication, and kindness (their QUACK factor). Some users may never make it to the Hero rank, others may get there in a few short months.


What happens if I want to leave the program or stop visiting Answers HQ?

If you decide to step away or go inactive, that's a-okay! In these cases we will adjust your rank to an in-active (retired) status, at any point you are welcome to come back and regain your active status by simply dropping a DM to us. 


Got a question not addressed here? Drop it to us on our AMA thread!



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