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Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

by LokiLokiGamer

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Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

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in fact, I already know that the Maxis Company which created Simcity The Sims and Spore closed in 2015, And I'm trying to find the reason why they abandoned the spore franchise,The last Spore franchise game was Darkspore which was released in 2011 and closed in 2016, There are no new expansion packs of Spin-offs and games for the Spore franchise, However, after the release of Darkspore in 2011, two failed games were released instead of Spore games, and the names SimCity 2013 and The Sims 4 were released in 2014, due to these two games Maxis closed in 2015, And damn Spore was a game in childhood, and I liked to create creations and adventures and how many good memories in childhood, however, The Sims and SimCity were destroyed by Ea's greed after the release of SimCity 2013 and The Sims 4, Tell me the reason why Franchise Spore was abandoned?


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Re: Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

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Likely the fact that it didnt have a history of mega success like the sims, and making a new core spore game would be very expensive due to how much content would be expected of it.

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Re: Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

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That kinda sucks to think of. Hopefully one day (Which would be doubtful) they could maybe show off a new spore game that is basically Spore 2 out of nowhere, just like what happened with Kernel Space Program. (Since no one expected a sequel of it)


Maybe it could of if team science won.

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Re: Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

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Sims 4 is still very much active and still making expansions and such. Sim City, not necessarily a failure either. Spore was never a failure. Though recently, EA put it on sale to which I bought a new copy of Spore, Galactic Adventures and was sold a PC version of Creepy and Cute. So I don't have Creepy and Cute. It seems unbelievable that I can't get a digital download of it for my Mac. But, since it went on sale and has never been before, maybe, just maybe... Changes are coming. When I first bought Spore this second time through Origin, Origin still had a hard time opening the game correctly. Since it went on sale and I bought Galactic Adventures, the game opens correctly and actually functions better. Cross our fingers folks, it doesn't appear that they are actually done with Spore yet.

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Re: Why and why was the Spore franchise abandoned?

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I'm not saying that the Sims 4 failed for the lack of some of the things that were present in the previous parts of "the Sims", but nevertheless you think that the Sims is a great simulator of life? then you are very wrong, The Sims is a game played by Girls Much more than men.

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