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Re: Spore Charming Creatures

by luciaquirk496

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Spore Charming Creatures

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How do I get the charm bar to go up faster when charming a creature? It’s really slow do I fail a lot of the time do I need more allies in my pack or just better parts?

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Re: Spore Charming Creatures

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*correction* it’s really slow SO I fail a lot Standard smile

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Re: Spore Charming Creatures

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Both solutions would work. If you don't have any good charm parts, then try to ally creatures that do have better charm. If this seems too hard, then search for more parts. If you put a specific part on your creature, there's a higher chance of finding the upgrades to that part. So if you wear any charm part you'll be more likely to find better ones from that upgrade line. Hope this helps!

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