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Question about using the Freedom cheat

by xXEatThatPieXx

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Question about using the Freedom cheat

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So I spent a lot of time making the Traction city of London from Mortal Engines. I used the freedom cheat to get in the amount of detail I wanted, and i was able to share it. However, for some reason I can not comment on it. I am subscribed to a few other people who have creations with the "freedom" red complexity meter icon(or the un-pollinated icon), and those creations have multiple comments. When I search in the sporepedia, or if I try to make a sporecast, my "freedom" creations never come up.


So I just want to know, can others see my creations at all? Are they visible only to my subscribers?




My Creation and proof that it is shared: (bottom right corner)


my creation comments.png

my creation sporepedia.png


Buddys creation and proof that it has comments:

buddy creation comments.png

buddy creation sporepedia.png

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Re: Question about using the Freedom cheat

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Well did you made them on the creator? because creatures from the main game wont publish for idk reason...

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