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Re: Is the server down?

by lucian3006

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Is the server down?

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Am I the only one who's having trouble logging in to Spore? I wanted to share my creations yet it keeps telling me there's an error connecting to the server.

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Re: Is the server down?

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I don't really know the Answer but they might shut down the servers for ever or for a short time.

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Re: Is the server down?

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I'm not having trouble logging into Spore, but I am finding myself unable to Buddy myself & a fellow Spore Player together & vice versa... We both play the Steam Version of this game.

Is us being able to find & buddy with each other in-game no longer available?
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Re: Is the server down?

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Bro, a steam codes ARE a origin codes ( THE SAME) - put ur game code to origin account, then log in to spore (U can play trought steam version, when u add spore to origin liblary - this unlock online) using ur origin account details SERVER WORKS FINE - don't hear to bad guys, badguys what writing without information hecking --- dezinformation Wink


Spore account in game, makes spore a looooot better, where a lot of missions (GA) are unique, where every creature is unique (i subscribes a lot of thing, and really, that's amazing... 

Spore account connection, make that game,, fron avarage, to amazing. But we canno't edit and adding plants... But, plants - i can handle it...


I hope, i help someone,,, yyy.

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Re: Is the server down?

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I have trouble where I'm logged in on Spore but I can't comment.

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