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Re: Is Spore Getting Updates?

by TheSimsDemon

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Is Spore Getting Updates?

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I remember spore from my childhood, and I just recently got a 100% working version (Old one couldn't run space stage, dusty disk version) and I was surprised that there is still a community. With this new movement to Answers HQ, we now know that EA still acknowledge this game's existence. But when my birthday came and i'm still waiting for my birthday check from grandma, I thought that i'd get creepy and cute parts but even though I know it's not dead, I still hesitate to getting it because I think it's just a 2008 game; which goes to my point; This game needs updates, I'm writing this asking for EA workers to tell me if spore will get new stuff, from a sequel, to a new dlc, to a new spinoff. I really want to know this because this is game getting a little old (by old I mean old, not boring).

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Re: Is Spore Getting Updates?

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I was suprised too... i started to play and read the wiki for nostalgia. and who knows, maybe since they know it still exist, we could finally get spore 2 or something. wishful thinking i know, but hopefully  they can even add expansions after so long, hell if the matrix is getting a 4th sequel after nearly 2 decades, anything is possible. maybe bring back the famous aquatic stage.

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