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Been away awhile, anything new?

by Jeffmark23

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Been away awhile, anything new?

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Hello all, I have not played with Spore in many a year. I recently decided to dip back into the tidepool, as it were. I have two questions:


1. How do I know I have the most current version? (Application reports 4.00.0000.2756) I see no "updates" panel at the website. When I launched, I got one of those "this application may not be compatible with future versions of MacOS" alerts.


2. How can I reset all the tutorials? I seem to recall that the reason I stopped was that I got stuck not knowing how to mimic a dance.


I also seem to be having trouble connecting to the Spore server, so I can't get Sporepedia. I reset me ea password, but still cannot connect.




P.S., I have no idea where that avatar came from.

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Re: Been away awhile, anything new?

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  1.  I'm sure there are no new updates since you left
  2.  To mimic the dances choose parts that you may need and when you see another animal doing that, click that action's button.

I hope I helped.

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