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Re: Abit curious

by arthrfrts

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Abit curious

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i bought spore and the bundle thru steam i have all my account info and the CD key but just like everyone else i can't login and says no connection and i also donot know where to input the CD code the help section said when launched enter the code but when the game launches i see no spot where a code can be placed so i'm abit confused i had this game back when it 1st came out but i forgot my EA account since it's been so long so i bought it again but thru steam ...i'd like to enjoy the online community creations

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Re: Abit curious

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I think you have to convert your Spore to Origin because Online Mode only works with Origin I think. I had the CD and talked to the Customer Support of EA so they transfered my CD Spore Game to Origin for free. After that Spore Online worked. Here some more information why your Spore Login won't work: 

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Re: Abit curious

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Hi! You need to redeem your game as a Origin game. Contact the EA Support at and provide the infos regarding your game CD or Steam purchase.

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Re: Abit curious

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That's weird, I have Spore on Steam and no trouble getting online. 

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Re: Abit curious

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Having forgotten your EA Account Password must be the cause of your problems. I got it on Steam after having played it long ago & logging into my EA Account, that to my surprise still existed, got me access to all my Spore Stuff... that to my surprise still existed... though I have to admit my old Creations of long ago, especially my Star Screamer, have not aged gracefully. :P

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