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by Alexhotty300

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There is already a threat but please put it together. My wishes would be to make the police weaker because from Heat 3+ everything will be strong anyway so that you can't reach the gas station Standard smile. The other would be to expand the map because only half of the game is passable. As I read, the story with Ana isn't that long. Maybe with the brother of Ana or with the police officer. Old cars like Peugeot 206 or 407 or 806. Then Skade, Mitsubishi Evo 9 (don't know if it already exists). Hummer, GMC, Chrevolet (truck version). More colors for neon, more clothes for the characters and much more . Hope there will be more DLC's. In general because of the story .. Because the map is huge. which streets are still missing, etc. ... And the police are supposed to be weaker are too strong to ram or stop.

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Re: wishes

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Here watch this full video it should help you beat the cops! 

Have a great day.

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