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Re: why fire to some enemyes lag?

by maximas1986

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why fire to some enemyes lag?

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in some round i see when fire to enemy i lag and finally i dead and hit not a cheat? i think yes....

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Re: why fire to some enemyes lag?

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@lnxtvv this is when you hear someone shouts " hit not registered "
it's due to several factors, your connection, Ping with the server you are playing on, and the game servers itself which are actually slow for this kind of game.
if you get the sign of packet loss then know that you will face this issue a lot so try to play on the best server for you with 0 packet loss but keep in mind that even if the game is showing 0 it doesn't mean that it's true. the best advice I can give you is as Wraith says " shoot first " and always try to shoot from behind cover and try to master peak shots.
that's the best you could do at the moment
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