why am i always put on the losing team

by YAZtheYET1

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why am i always put on the losing team

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whenever i try to play conquest or breakthrough I never get a new lobby or at least 95% of the time I never get a new lobby most of the time I am tossed on to a losing team with no one on the losing side even trying to win and i don't really blame them with all the cowardly tactics being used by the other team hiding and camping no skill sniper cowards hiding everywhere choppers that are indestructible b.s cars with a 30mm trying to drive into buildings to get those trying to find some cover from the cowards in cars. and you know i don't really blame them, cowards only thrive because DICE lets them. After playing a number of DICE games i have come to the conclusion that dice is a bully and designs his games catering to cowards and bullies and lets face that they are the same thing groups of bullies attacking outnumbered people to bully them to death instead of skillfully killing them with good sportsmanship and actual skill they gloat and teabag and do whatever a bully does to make him or her feel better about themselves. It really is getting old and DICE is at fault for all of this and you can't tell me he is not setting it up that way on purpose by putting objectives on top of building with very few access points so the coward bully squads just hide and cower until the elevator door opens then all attack a cornered target bullies favorite or how there is no chat in the game to help with communication like call outs so teams and squads know where the enemy is when it is standing beside them. Pings are nice but they do not beat actual verbal callouts any day.     

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Re: why am i always put on the losing team

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Got to fill the team with less players I assume bro. 

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