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Re: what is going on here?

by low_tier_squid

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what is going on here?

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I mean NUMEROUS times this has happened to me, So I actually have started counting my hit marks. Just now I hit a guy with MINIMUM 5 shots  triple take got into fight where Then another guy with my prowler 5-8 hit markers. now when I actually fricken die as always in 2 shots it seems like, I looked and did 265 damage??  This is making no fricken since too me. I always die in so few shots regardless of my armor. Takes a miracle to even live to get 2 clips in my gun.  So I ask myself why do I keep playing this game

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Re: what is going on here?

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The triple take fires three projectiles that soread from one another. So if you're shooting at a medium ranged or long ranged target chances are only one of those projectiles will hit the mark only dealing 45 damage.

The long bow would be a better solution as its more accurate and fires single rounds that deal 55 damage upper body and about a 100 in the head.

And yes, you can get killed in two shots depending on your armor and the weapon type of your opponent. Two headshots with a wingman will kill you, as will two shots and of a longbow or a close range peacekeeper.

It might be best to prioritize other weapons over the triple take. Like the longbow or wingman for long and medium range and a good ol peacekeeper for close range.

And to answer your question on why you still play? Because it's rsther good for a battle Royale game, it's free and quite addicted when you're in to it.
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Re: what is going on here?

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The "netcode" for this game is garbage.  You win by always running and rushing in on people, theirs a full 2 second lag, so rush in empty your clip on a person.   To the other player its seems like their health just instantly disappeared. 

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Re: what is going on here?

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triple take is ONLY good for medium n close range + level 3 upgrades (especial that hop up ) .  longbow with level 3 upgrade is beast for high medium range but not good for close range 




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Re: what is going on here?

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You should probably just not snipe at all in this game. It's way too easy for your targets to take cover and heal up. The only sniper worth using is the Kraber and that's assuming you're extremely talented at landing the one-hit-kill headshot for 250 damage...and even then, you get, what? 12 rounds total when you find a Kraber? Plus it makes such a distinct and loud noise that everyone knows there is a Kraber around once you fire a single shot and they're going to specifically try to avoid you and dodge you with everything available to them. You better hope you one-shot that Bangalore and then thirst her immediately, otherwise she is gonna end up popping a double smoke and flanking you before you know what's going on.


Sniping in general probably needs buffed in this game, but I understand why Respawn is taking a careful approach. This is still an open world game and the worst thing for this game would be a sniper meta where it feels like everyone has an AWP from CS:GO (don't laugh, I've seen numerous suggestions that they turn the Longbnow/G7/Triple Take/Kraber into hitscan guns to make sniping easier...that would completely ruin this game though).

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