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this guy is onto something here

by Bloodydeath7646

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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@Dalistar17 wrote:

Good post I agree, I wish you could edit and break apart in paragraphs but still the wall of text does not detract from your point. Loot is a disaster in this game. I love the concept of the game, I have said before that I think the combat and flying mechanics are the best I have ever seen. 10/10 in that regard. Loot drop rates and loot variety 2/10. I'm being generous there. A looter shooter should not lack LOOT! Surprising yes, but its true, we need to see more loot in a game that has almost zero end game in it at the moment and a lackluster story line you finish before max level. Bioware you gotta do better, I have faith you can do better and I will do my best to stick it out the next 2 months to see if your vision for this game is realized.

thank you for your support. like I said a few comments ago Bioware says to come here with everything. just don't feel like EA is there for us. @EA_Ataashi are you listen to us. can we get some feedback you guys.

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