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Re: this guy is onto something here

by AcKilleeZ

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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yeah, there is no armour of note, so its just a small array of weapons with stats that often dont feel too different. needing 40 or 50 clips doesnt feel that different in play. 

its a great basis for a game, just needs more variety. plus now im on gm3 anything that isnt a leg seems a bit of a waste. yet i barely get any. so i dont feel i am progressing at all. i dont even really understand the crafting, it seems a bit pointless. 

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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I know what you mean bud, me and my friends are 788. it's like what else can we do. I just want EA and bioware to listen to us to make this game what it should have been from the start. so EA and bioware take some notes of what we want. it's time to get these issue handed. if they needed to release content early then take action or make something for now. yes I know there are bugs still but hopefully there fix with patch 1.0.4.
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Re: this guy is onto something here

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I only read the TL:DR version.  I concur with that at least


MW recipes should be obtained by using the Epic versions of weapons and gear enough (like killing 100 legendaries, or using it on 35-50 missions, etc)-- kind of like how it worked all the way up to level 30.  And of course legendary recipes from using the MW versions of weapons and gear enough.


MW component recipes should still come from reputation-- just like it did all the way through getting the epic versions.  However, we went from needing tier three faction reputation for Sentinels to get iconic component recipes and tier three freelancer reputation for the universals (which required what.... 6k or so reputation points each???) to farming 150,000 reputation (50k for each faction) to get what appears to be a few tawdry components, possibly even just sigils...


TL:DR-- I concur we need better and more consistent progression, along with a re-tuned crafting recipe acquisition system for MW/L.

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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its all ideas here. we all want this game to be better because right now its pointless. they need to do something. by the way, thanks for commenting guys. trying to keep this on the top.
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Re: this guy is onto something here

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Op is a fair and logical analysis of what Anthem should be. Dev's you should take note of such posts like these - here is your help/feedback you have asked for!! "Summon the Dev's"

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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The armor thing just bugs the hell out of me. Ive never played in a looting style game where youre NOT looting armor. And then the lootboxes dont have armor now either?

This cataclysm thing better be good, and like epic, like launch 2.0 epic cause they need it

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Re: this guy is onto something here

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summon the dev's lol like for real. there is so much hate on reddit, twitter, and youtube. we paid for this game. so get it in order.
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Re: this guy is onto something here

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Man, I TOTALLY agree with you, you got all the wrong things on Anthem and improved them perfectly.

BioWare should hire you and fire that (those) idiots who planned the game in this actual way.
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Re: this guy is onto something here

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if it was an option. I would take it. dev's aren't stupid for one. respect them. I don't want no hate on this form. the way I see it there are no bad ideas only opinions. I understand they have important matter they need to take care of. but there is the fact that we, the gamers have wants and needs.
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Re: this guy is onto something here

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Good post I agree, I wish you could edit and break apart in paragraphs but still the wall of text does not detract from your point. Loot is a disaster in this game. I love the concept of the game, I have said before that I think the combat and flying mechanics are the best I have ever seen. 10/10 in that regard. Loot drop rates and loot variety 2/10. I'm being generous there. A looter shooter should not lack LOOT! Surprising yes, but its true, we need to see more loot in a game that has almost zero end game in it at the moment and a lackluster story line you finish before max level. Bioware you gotta do better, I have faith you can do better and I will do my best to stick it out the next 2 months to see if your vision for this game is realized.

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