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Re: spore 2

by Duckeatsbread

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Re: spore 2

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@Freggi-Liz Maxis Did NOT Shutdown At All Since It Still Releases Addons To Sims 4 And The Fact That "Many Years Ago" Is 5+ Years Ago Would Make You Saying Many Years Ago Incorrect Since Sims 4 Was Released 2014/15.
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Re: spore 2

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Re: spore 2



Yes, I know that the Maxis Studio still exists. They only work and develop for Sims series

At that time there were two teams, some work on the Sims, others make games like Spore and Darkspore.
Exactly this Developer team from Spore, which was really specific and no longer exists. The management with Will Wright, Lucy Bradshaw, Thomas Vu, Dan, Guillaume Pierre lead gameplay scripter left the team gradually.


These developers are no longer there. The game is too complicated for many to develop and costs too much money.

Have you ever wondered, why there has been no update or successor to Spore since those days!


EA closed Maxis headquarters in Emeryville, California 2015

Stay healty!
Bleibt Gesund!
I don't work for EA - I'm just only help other users . Cheers Liz

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Re: spore 2

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oh that game (:

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Re: spore 2

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@InvaderScoot please make spore 2
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Re: spore 2

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This is such a stupid comeback.

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Re: spore 2

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I really love Spore too and would love a sequel, but unfortunately it's probably not coming.  Instead, let's do our best to keep the community alive and thriving.  Original Spore with the DLC is already such a great game even with its flaws.  All it needs is an active fanbase to keep it going.  Our mission is to be that fanbase! ^w^

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Re: spore 2

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I've got hope now. Do you know a game named EvilGenius? It was developed by a studio in London, then the studio got bankcrupcy. But another studio bought the IP, who develops Sniper Elite. And now they are developing EvilGenius2! Long time from the Evil Genius origin was released in 2004. And dude, Spore was released in 2008. But what's more, the Evil Genius2 developing is being conducted by a fan from the old days. So the most hopeful happening may be that fans of Spore who also work in EA now have got the opportunity to develop Spore2. Anyway, considering the fact it's not impossible.

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Re: spore 2

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@sporeguy98 There will be no sequel unfortunately.
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