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so, scientist... why undiscussed?

by IWinWithPewPew

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so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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havn't seen any posts about him yet. I say give him +1 damage. More attack speed.

i want him to be the Get in, Get the * out gameplay character. He's too much heal based for me . 

I used to enjoy scientist  A LOT in PVZ 1. Especially the cheetos scientist. Please return it to me >Frown

Or at least give him back his sticky bomb. I really dislike his heal. i honestly can't be the only one. it's slow, other players can't move... i'd take a healing station any time over that new  heal.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@IWinWithPewPew With a healing station the players coudn't move either. Apart from that you are more mobile due to fact there is no cooldown for the ability.
In GW 2 I've never played with the grenades and took the heal ball instead. The new sticky healy thingy is even better: attaching it to an enemy while killing him in close combat ist fun.
The damage could be a bit higher I guess but compared to the sun flower he is ok in the current state.
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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Scientist is strong. He does not need any changes. He can deal a lot of damage even at distance and gets good upgrades for both dealing damage and healing. 

Just learn the character.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@IWinWithPewPew i don't really understand this. Hes labeled as a support, not an attacker. He ALWAYS was supposed to be a healer and not an assassin, it would be nice if this could finally be true in one their games..... The zombie's team already has a ton of huge damage dealers. Things like these are why i hate how he's a better assassin than he is a healer. Nobody plays him a healer or even wants him to be one. They really shouldn't have set this standard of him being a absolutely terrifying assassin, but they did and now its too late it seems.

Ideally he should be dealing damage around the sunflower's level if we wanted to be fair, but of course not and the scientist is extremely lethal while the sunflower still tickles zombies. A damage and attack speed buff is absolutely not necessary. If you play him more I think you will find that out. His primary has wonky aim at times, sure, but it is no doubt lethal! His warps make him by far the most mobile character in the game. And of course, once again the sunflower is outclassed being entirely immobile in a fast paced game for.... some reason??? Yeah though, he still is an assassin fortunately for you. But if it was up to me.. I'd make him more of a healer. Its clear thought they don't really seem to want to ever balance the healers out. So, seemingly forever will the scientist dominate the sunflower. Lets just stop kidding ourselves and remove him from the support role, and label him him as an attacker. Same to the engineer, heh.
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?


I used to love Scientist and no longer use him.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@brady3176 "the sunflower still tickles zombies". I am constantly getting tickled by sunflowers. Tickled to death. Hehehe. The sunflower seems more lethal than I remember it being in GW2.

As for the scientist, I haven't played him enough in BFN to form an opinion, but I played a couple of games of GW2 today and half the zombie team were scientists, and good gawd they were devastating!
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@jnicol1975 Sunflower did much more damage in GW 2. This is probably partially thanks to slower fire rate and the... all around uncomfortable aiming im BFN. Shes much easier to take out now since she can't really defend herself at all. She is definitely out damaged by the scientist. The 1 damage buff helped for sure, but wasn't really what she needed. And yep in GW 1 and 2 scientist is a real pain. Again, an assassin not a healer.
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

★ Pro

Scientist is mean in this game. Even at range he can put on some hurt and I don't have the tighter dispersion upgrade on mine and I can borderline snipe people. 


The 2 issues I do have with the character right now are that A): While he has 3 warps, they don't feel as responsive as in GW 1 and 2, and B): you can't use the heal hose and shoot at the same time. 

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

[ Edited ]
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@Iron_Guard8 wrote:


you can't use the heal hose and shoot at the same time. 

I think that is the main difference between him and the sunflower. He can deal good damage but his healing is limited. While the weaker sunflower can heal 2 plants, spread stars and shoot at the same time.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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If scientist becomes any stronger, faster, or discrete, we will have to put a mushroom hat on him and call him fungus. Seriously one of the most overpowered characters in the game at the moment. Scientist is the perfect solo assassin and if one knows how to play him he is border line untouchable. He heals himself, moves quick and stealthy, does massive area damage to a group and the majority of what people want (increased rate of fire) can be had with individual skills. (Dolphin blast) 

Please, if not for my own sanity, DO NOT IMPROVE THE SCIENTIST. 


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