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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

by delete180

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@GraveledStoopid wrote:

If scientist becomes any stronger, faster, or discrete, we will have to put a mushroom hat on him and call him fungus. Seriously one of the most overpowered characters in the game at the moment. Scientist is the perfect solo assassin and if one knows how to play him he is border line untouchable. He heals himself, moves quick and stealthy, does massive area damage to a group and the majority of what people want (increased rate of fire) can be had with individual skills. (Dolphin blast) 

Please, if not for my own sanity, DO NOT IMPROVE THE SCIENTIST. 


I've quite literally seen scientists run behind the lines on TT maps and tear through the lower health plants before warping back to their lines. I'm hesitant to call them OP, but they are certainly not underpowered either. If you wound them when they do this, they throw that heal ball down and/or warp away rapidly. Their playstyle isn't all that different from GW 1 and 2 really. Seeing a pair of them working together like that is a nightmare.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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Honestly, I think he’s fine the way he is. Even a slight damage reduction would be feasible. His damage input at the moment is massive for what is meant to be a supportive character and I’ve already seen too many scientist players in TT just warping to my plant teammates, wiping them out then running for it, and so it repeats. I play Scientist in most ops modes and did the PvE missions using him and I will say that it is ridiculous how easy it is to complete them using this character.

As many have mentioned already, it’s his healing capabilities that are his downsides as a supportive role. Scientist easily outclasses Sunflower when it comes to damage, but Sunflower is superior to him with healing. My loadout and playstyle for Scientist is purely supportive, however I don’t know about you but I find playing him as a healer extremely... exhausting? It’s just due to the constant sprinting after teammates to heal them which is never very  well seeing as his healing hose doesn’t have much range( even with the power wash upgrade) nor is it reliable as you’ve got to constantly mimic the movements of your jumping teammates just to keep them from dying. He does have the advantage of healing multiple zombies at once but the hose is just increasingly difficult to use, especially with max sensitivity being so low. As well as this, he can’t shoot and heal at the same time which makes you have to either alternate between healing and defending yourself or risking your life in order to protect your team and keep them alive. 
Overall, it hurts to say that he’s not fitting his role too well. They’ve kept this ‘lone wolf’ sort of characteristic for him for all of the games and it’s still being utilised. Yes, a supportive character should be able to handle them self in a 1v1 but rely on their team if outnumbered, but scientist has the ability to completely demolish opponents  when in a 1v2-3 etc, and that’s something that shouldn’t be happening.


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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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I feel like, 

At the moment he's n'either support n'or assassin. He really misses 1 damage on his primary to be an assassin (you hit certain characters 4 times , and they get away with like 1 - 10 health), not just that. But he also misses  a secondary damage skill to be an assassin. 

I used to play him assassin , warp in behind plants, stickybomb,primary, get 5 kills, warp away , put healing station and back. It's not possible to do this anymore. You warp in , hope you get 4-5 hits to kill 1 plant, you warp out or you die. the healing gun skill is just useless when playing as assassin. So you get 2 skills and your primary.

But maybe you guys are right , and i haven't played him enough yet. We'll see.

As a healer. His healing really sucks. it's a lot slower than sunflowers' healing. And just boring for me personally. i hate having to run after teammates to heal them, hoping they would stand still. It takes awareness from them which they often don't have. 

I SAY : REMOVE HEALER ROLE and make him full assassin. :D

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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@IWinWithPewPew As soon as a scientist starts his warp, he is invulnerable. This alone makes him an assassin, his ability to quickly disengage from any fight while being targeted by any attack. A well timed warp can’t even be goatified, warp nullifies any and all incoming effects and damage. Giving him his trash sticky heal chewed bubblegum looking thing gives him a necessary heal option to be the complete solo character.
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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Honestly dude I really hope you are joking...Scientists are very overpowered.  Why do both zombie supports kill better than some of their fellow damage dealers??? Scientist can warp in and 2 shot you then warp out. He is by no means a support class.


I love support. I play rose and sunflower as supports and I find it very unfair by the amount of killing potential the scientists and engineers have versus rose and sunflower.  Either buff rose and sunflower damage potential or make scientist and engineer a real support. Unless your idea of support is a solo killer that is unmatched by most then just leave him be.


I think his category should be changed cause it's really laughable how rose and sunflower struggle to kill anything but scientists and engineer win almost every single 1v1. Someone please prove me wrong...

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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Scientists who do the whole lone-wolf thing are not just annoying to the plant team - it's no fun playing zombies either when you have a healer who only looks out for themselves. They really don't need to be able to deal more damage.
Scientists & sunflowers should be equal in terms of heals & kills capability, yes? So let's be fair - increase healing capabilities for scientist & give sunflower a high damage weapon & warp!
Sorted!! 😜😂
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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If you compare scientist to sunflower in my opinion scientist is much stronger (combat wise) than sunflower.  I actually really like his heals.  The heal disc is imperative.  The sunflower can push a button and her heal beam heals anyone in the vicinity and she can fight at the same time.  The scientist can heal with their cannon but not while running after people.  It is extremely annoying running after people to heal them as scientist and they continue running.  You can throw the heal disc thingy on them and let them run to their hearts content.  The one perk that sunflower has that I absolutely love is her ability to heal multiple people (including herself).  It is a super strong ability that you get at master I think and I lovvvvveeeee it.  I can stand by people and heal them and myself at the same time (including overhealing myself).  Things I would like:


Scientist - be able to heal with their cannon and fight at the same time.  Get the multiple heal ability that sunflower has (maybe he has it I only have him at super elite).

Sunflower - increase damage to their main attack.  Their healing and perks in my opinion are perfect.  I wouldn't mind a teleport like the scientist has.  Now that I have the double heal I rarely use the self healing sun attack.  

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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yeah, i tried playing some more scientist. He's strong, but not exactly where I'd like him to be :D on the other hand . I was fighting a team with like 5 scientist and yeah you're right , they're really annoying.

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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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The way the heals work now for sunflower & scientist, I honestly find it difficult to say for certain if one is better than the other.
I'm more used to the beam, so find it easier atm because I don't have to think about it - it's automatic. The beam though is hard to direct to the player you want because it jumps to the nearest person - hose direction isn't an issue.
Multiple players can be healed by the scientist hose, though getting close is hard work sometimes (but then they do have a warp!). The sunflower double beam is only unlocked at elite level, not available instantly & it's almost impossible to try directing the 2nd branch to a particular player further away.
The heal burst refreshes quicker & scatters around you, whereas the sticky heal bomb might refresh slower but is a concentrated mass of heals & can be thrown ahead of you if it'll help in a particular place.
If you are shooting as sunflower & use the heal burst, the shooting IS stopped while you twirl the heals, but it's not very noticeable if you're holding down the trigger. Admittedly you can shoot while having the heal beam on someone, but it doesn't always work that well because the beam slips off very easily & trying to RB & RT at the same time certainly doesn't come easily to me!! 😂
What I'd like most for BOTH healers, is actually to be able to heal when you're in sprint, but I don't think heals as they are currently are that bad for either - they're just different
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Re: so, scientist... why undiscussed?

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I don't like scientist right now, hes unenjoyable.

Cmon science should work for destruction not healing! Call him medic then.

Hes main weapon is good, rare type of properly workin weapon in bfn, but hes skill soo boooooring.

Healing spray is not impactfull, most of the time i can't undestand do i heal or not, also runnin after teammates is boring, let me put healing station and be done with its, yes im a selfish brat, but im here to have FUN, not compete like im in overwatch competive game fightin for diamont(never had it, never gonna bother).

Sticky healin also boring, yes im usin it, but i wan't to trow sticky bomb at someones face it see how it goes BOOM!!

And the warp, its bad, its absolutely unresponcive and way too short. Im sufferin right now tryin to do a challenge Warp and kill.

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