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Re: skill based matching

by warslag

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Re: skill based matching

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Not really nice to insult people just because they are better than you but anyways


good plays do not enjoy getting paired with noobs or even killing them it is boring so they would appreciate if you could get better at the game and stop whining about people being better than you

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Re: skill based matching

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If i que up by myself, i tend to be with other single players. If i join friends, it tends to throw us in games with other friend/squads... very noticeable on console(xbox) Que up single i play with mostly 0-40ish skill level, im level 90ish?(dont play a lot, 35 y/o job/life) Que up with friends, play with level 80-100...

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Re: skill based matching

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I think what some are really talking about here is 'seeding'. Which is where players are given a 'seed' based on their statistical ranking and then matched against other players based on their seeding. But in all honesty some form of this is probably already in Apex.


Or maybe players want a league style system based on the points they earn in game. But again there will still be players at the top of the league and players at the bottom.


I think as long as the matches are made fairly then it doesn't matter if players feel a little bit heartbroken when they're beaten by experienced players or whatever because that's just what sport and games are all about.

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