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skeltal fire: [Edit - Admin.]

by CleannTeeth

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skeltal fire: [Edit - Admin.]

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The match just started ; all of a sudden this message appears in party chat :  " skeltal fire: [Edit - Admin.] " .
This was a random party . And no one was in my lobby before the game started. 

I Searched this name " skeltal fire "  on Origin Client with no results .

Searching internet for " skeltal fire:[Edit - Admin.]"  resulted in one hit  ; for a Japanese forum with someone reporting the same message. 

We all know the growing hackers on fps games and Apex Legends ; should be dealt with .
There are a growing number of related tools that allow players to cheat. Those sites should be taken down

But this is totally new. I missed all of two seasons of Apex Legends because of that very problem I could not stand so i left .

I return and now im getting hackers directly in chat that are not even in my party. 

Anyone experience this or any idea whats going on.  

Was able to grab a screenshot :

[Edit - Admin.]

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Re: skeltal fire: tem32\gameosproxy.dll

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@CleannTeethThis is a known bug that is happening. It is not so much hackers just a issue in the chat it self. That error it self may also be coming from the system at hand. Those type errors are normally name related. At least that was the issue when it happen on titanfall. 

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Re: skeltal fire: tem32\gameosproxy.dll

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Can you cite one source ? 
Then only Respawn can confirm if this is a bug or a hacker . 
Until then this remains a hacker  in my view.. 

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