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Re: r301

by PerfidiousRaver

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whatever you did it sux now. I mean rubber bullets

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Re: r301

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@Huntinwabits wrote:

whatever you did it sux now. I mean rubber bullets

It still feels the same to me except at really long range. It needed the nerf imo.


Rubber bullets happen with any weapon if the connections RnG isn't with you. I had phantom shots from peacekeeper tonight. 4-5 shots (at a PTer lol) didn't even tickle it. Point blank dead centre... nothing.

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Re: r301

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@Huntinwabits nah, its still good.
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Re: r301

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@WerawulfazAgree. I find myself dropping the Alternator (even with the disruptor) for an R301 more and more lately. Although it may be because all you ever see on the floor around every corner is an Alternator. Talk about poor RNG.

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Re: r301

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Havn't used it much since update tbh but kinda sucks to release 301 skins as final S2 levels then nerf it mid season.

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