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Re: "leeches"

by AssassinoX1

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I see people using this word to describe people who dont have keys in Strongholds. Its a frigging daily key. Where are these people expecting everyonew is suddenly going to come up with keys EVERY time they run a SH? In a game with as little content as this people are expecting what? People without keys shouldnt run SHs? The ques are bad enough as it is for trying to find people to RUN a SH at GM3, it would be worse if people waited for teir key to run a SH and that was the ONLY time they ran a SH at all.

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Re: "leeches"

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I have never ran into this problem with the keys.....I just use my key and get my useless item and move on....If someone else has a key too then I get even more useless garbage....The keys could go away and it wouldn't effect my game in the least.

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Re: "leeches"

I agree the term 'leeches' is incorrectly applied.




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Re: "leeches"

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That's ridiculous. Why the hell do people care if another player who helped in that SH gets an extra cosmetic? Why are gamers so freaking hostile towards each other?? Like you said, it's one a day. Plus not everyone can get the key if its part of something they didn't unlock yet (like legendary contracts, I still haven't unlocked those).
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Re: "leeches"

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Just shows the mentality of some gamers these days expecting everything to be handed to then on a silver platter.


If they want to have all 4 opened on 1 run, they need to find a crew to run with. If they PuG it, don't go in expecting everyone to have a key.

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Re: "leeches"

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Honestly, as a working person who can't farm strongholds all day and is only able to really play WAY after reset time, I would just like to be able to get more than 1 freaking chest a day because at this rate, with how many items they added, I'll never get even a quarter of this list at this rate and the way the key system is set up it really dissuades playing with friends if you're trying to get items which seems like it's totally opposite from what Anthem is trying to be.

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Re: "leeches"

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I was an inadvertent “leech” yesterday when I couldn’t interact with a chest. 😒

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Re: "leeches"

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Well some one is muture Not 

u get one key for a day u still get ur loot it’s a bonus if others use there’s 


hell i my mistake of using two tonight on same run 

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Re: "leeches"

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 Most humans are ignorant.

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Re: "leeches"

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Well there are some strange people out there. Nothing more to add i guess :-)

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