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"Six years in the making"

by IntlGJournal

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Re: "Six years in the making"

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I've seen no such thing. It just amuses me to check out the announcements of this game. Or any game for that matter. Look at the last line on this announcement: "It’s better to keep the customers waiting for the fully working product than giving them a broken experience for their money." Everyone was pointing out to the flaws of the game, and they've done nothing to correct it. It doesn't matter if the game was produced for 1 year or 10 for that matter, it's important to have a polished product at the end of the road.

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Re: "Six years in the making"

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"6 years of development" Who is to say they worked daily on a finalized idea for 6 years and never changed direction or scrapped their first 30 ideas? Ending up with an actual development time of maybe a year with the mindset they spent 6 years on that one idea. Let Anthem do the talking, it is barely watched on twitch or mixer and has a 62 percent approval (based on google reviews) rating which has dropped from 64 to 62 over the past few days after their last stream. Obviously the ratings we see on the internet are only by the people who actually voted on it. Sure that means based on the fraction of people who actually voted that still 62 percent enjoy the game. But youre left with 38 percent that does not. That is quite a big number, may not be majority but still big. I'm sure if someone did enough digging like kotaku article, they could find more dust on the lense as to what was unclear in this picture from the start. I'm obviously not one with all the answers or even the right ones. I could be wrong. We all could be. Let's let the future of Anthem and what they chose to do with the game do the talking. We can see the state of the game is not all that great. It has had a rough release so far. Let's see how long this rough ride continues before it smooths out.

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