Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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"Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anything about this??

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REVERT BACK TO PREVIOUS CLIENT UPDATE!!!!!! Seriously, you can't revert an update that is not working properly??? I was able to login and play Apex no problem 5 days ago, and now I can't even sign in. " Online login is currently unavailable." is all that it says, goes into offline mode once I sign in. 

FIX THIS. I spoke with your useless help centre last evening and tried every single fix they asked me to do and I have tried every fix I have found on the internet. I even downloaded Origin on my gaming laptop and it does the exact same thing, so it has nothing to do with my PC and everything to do with your servers, client, and the latest update.


I downloaded an older version of origin off of a random website, and it worked perfect until it forced me to update it, then it stopped working again after it updated. This is 100% the fault of the latest update, literally all you have to do is revert to the last update to fix this, JUST DO IT. These are the only 2 days I have to play video games, and then I have to go work up North on a dam for another 21 days straight, I am going to lose my mind if I have to spend my only days off trying to get Origin working. 


I was very polite last evening when trying to resolve this issue with you guys, and now I am just straight up pissed off, how could your technical team be that incompetent that they can't fix an update issue over the span of 24 hours???? I spent all night reinstalling origin, deleting caches, configuring ip, signing up for VPN free trials, EVERYTHING, and decided to go to bed thinking for sure you guys would have the problem fixed by the morning. Morning has come and gone, and we are going to late afternoon now with no resolution in sight. 


I have a friend living down the street from me who is able to login and play no problem, so I am really confused as to why this update is only affecting my account specifically. 

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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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The best thing to do when this occurs takes a couple of minutes to go through the following steps @TadeuszTheThird:

Let me know how you get on.


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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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I had this issue until I used an older version of Origin. Only problem is if you update Origin then the problem comes back. I called 3 times to support for this and got no fix, so your things to check do no good. Someone NEEDS to fix Origin itself and not use work around methods to get it working. This is just bizarre.

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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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I had my son look at the origin client. He is studying to be a programmer.


I am running windows 8.1 and it has not been working for OVER A MONTH without reinstalling 10.5.41 every time.


He got it working by copying the OriginClient.dll, OriginClientService.exe and OriginWebService.exe from the 10.5.41 version to the Origin directory.


Also add /noUpdate to your origin shortcut.


After that problem solved. No need to reinstall 10.5.41.


EA needs to review these files as this seemed to be the files...


Let me know if this helps you...


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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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YES !!!! Thank YOU !!! I've been searching for a thread that is addressing this for HOURS. I too am frustrated with this! I had an older client installed (until the next update) assuming they would fix, and they have not! I now have to uninstall and reinstall the old version.. NOT shut down or log out of my PC. 


- reason i'm so mad though - is because I have some bad cc in my Sims 4. Its hanging at the loading screen for HOURS.. and I have to turn off my computer to get out.. its happened 4 now, as i go through my tons of cc.. The problem though is (as you know already) - I have to uninstall and reinstall Origin. Every. single. time. 


The 600 "me too" post about this has VANISHED. And frankly this is ridiculous !!! 


The new client. Thin whatever is broken. They need to reverse it so I can stop being in offline mode, and so its stops asking me to insert a freaking disc to install Origin !!! I seriously cannot be the only one who is getting this random popup which never stops, and then Origin never lets me log in !!! 


FIX IT EA !!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!  FIX THE CLIENT !!!! .. and what happened to that 600 "me too" post about Origin updates being broken AF !? Deleted ?? smh 

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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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This is not a solution. 


The client has coding errors. 


I have done all of these tips (and then some) to absolutely no avail. 


Origin Client 4.1 works just fine for me. But. I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I turn off my computer. 


Please have a look at the comment on this thread about the coding errors that need to be fixed and see what you think. 


Thank you. 





Anyone know what happened to that post that had 600 "me too" agreements about this issue ?? it was here a couple weeks ago...  I can't find it now. 

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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

@s_stutler  Did you mean this thread?


There are plenty of them—it's difficult to keep track—but most are in the Origin tech section, not General Discussion.


As for the current issues, EA community managers have said they're aware, and that there will be an update once the problems are fixed.  In the meantime, you can install a legacy version of Origin, then take your computer offline before you launch it again.  That way, Origin won't be able to force patch itself to the newest version.  I know this doesn't work for every game, but playing Sims 4 will be fine.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: "Online login is currently unavailable." - Is anyone doing anythin

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I have /noUpdate in my origin shortcut. I must run it through that for it to work.


also I have automatic origin updates disabled


It stops the automatic update and I can access my games through the game library with no need to reload origin every time.


My game shortcuts are not working as it always tries to update origin to the broken version.


I have the 10.5.41 origin version which works.



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