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"Bronze to Pred" pro/content creators

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This game is frustrating enough trying to play pubs with SBMM, and the one safe haven for mid level players should be ranked. Season after season, more and more pros or content creators do a series on a brand new account. Smurfing blatantly for all of there viewers to see and nothing is done about it but it doesnt just bring these players into the lobbies. They also bring with them the people who create brand new accounts just to stream snipe them. Other games have already told pros/content creators they are not allowed to intentionally drop ranks to play low level lobbies or both their alt and main accounts will be banned ie. Rocket League for road to SSL series. You are allowing influencers on this game get away with ruining the experience for other players. 

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Re: "Bronze to Pred" pro/content creators

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@Simp_for_Lulu18 Yea pretty surprising that you can report people for Smurfing, wich means they clearly consider it a bannable offence

Yet Timmy and co can do theese challanges without getting touched
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@Simp_for_Lulu18First I'm not saying that this practice is morally correct but Respawn's (Hideouts) statement on this is that it's okay to make a single smurf account for the challenge but making multiple ones in a season can/will get you banned. I guess it's a gray area thing and yes, streamers/pros get the special treatment unfortunately. It does create lots of traffic and views for the game hence the reason they probably allow it. It was awesome when Timmy did it first but when almost every single streamer copied him, it became a problem. In my opinion, Respawn should decide either smurfing is allowed or bannable with no gray area in between.

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@Simp_for_Lulu18 When I saw Zylbrad playing bronze to pred on the american servers with a brand new account I cringed. He said, "wow american players are really bad!"
This sort of thing should never happen and is unfair to new players.
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@RevMainPls You also can no longer report people for shooting you through a wall anymore. Guess they don't care.
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@Cheese9Man And it is this reason I refuse to spend any money on EA products, especially Respawn. "It gets us more revenue so we will allow it." Scummy scum will be scummy.
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