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plants vs zombies battle for neighborville missing or locked out content

by OreoOscar200

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plants vs zombies battle for neighborville missing or locked out content

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I have two gamer tag accounts that successfully log onto the EA servers and function within the game as expected with the exception of the "store" area (OTTO, SERGEANT PEEL, etc.)  One gamer tag is granted access to purchase maps to the hidden chests, gnomes, tapes, etc. while the other gamer tag appears to be blocked with the following message: "Retrieving store items..." followed by a message: "There are currently no items available. Maybe the zombies ate them?"


I have spoken with EA's customer support in India on three separate occasions without successful resolution as to why one gamer tag has access to this content while the other does not.


One of the three support agents had cleverly suggested that the blocked content was restricted due to the "Child Protection Act" since the problem focused on a gamer tag associated with an 11-year-old child.  I thought that this was very humorous for an Indian national to be enforcing the laws of the United States...  Further he had stated that the child must be 13 years of age or older to access the content.  This game is rated E10+ so that seems to be incorrect.  Where do I go from here since I cannot reach a US customer service representative to properly deal with this matter.


Note: I had adjusted the access for the affected gamer tag on the XBox console to adult, cleared the MAC address, and fully rebooted the system in hopes that the system reset would fix the problem.


What scares me the most is that associate #2 might be actually correct that the reason this content is blocked is due to the child's age not taking into account the actual age rating of this game at 10 years of age. 


EA correct this BS now!

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