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Re: pathfinder hitbox????

by Kdog_FivE-5-ni9e

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pathfinder hitbox????

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I mean only dam guy I can't hit. everytime right through him,never fails

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Re: pathfinder hitbox????

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Yes his hitbox is still broken to an absurd degree (I think it's actually worse than it was before)


Everytime I use a shotgun, whether it be the Mastif, Peacekeeper or EVA-8 I do minimal damage to him. Full close range shot (without choke) nets me about 30 damage, With choke it's all or nothing, most of the time it seems like the charged shot just passes right through this dude. It's why everybody and thier mother is now using Pathfinder. Before people would rarely pick him but now I always have a Pathfinder on my squad without fail to the point where I end up in teams of two rather than three because one of them got annoyed that the other picked him.


It's that bad.


It used to be that way with Wraith, people would leave if you picked thier precious wraith but now it's Pathfinder.

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Re: pathfinder hitbox????

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I am a pathfinder main and it even annoys me!

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Re: pathfinder hitbox????

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Yup I agree. I loaded a who peacekeeper round into his chest only for it to just eat it up with no damage. legs and arms are ok but anything else is like slapping him with a noddle.

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