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pIMPsqueak is more glass, than a glass cannon

by arit0824

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pIMPsqueak is more glass, than a glass cannon

★★★★★ Novice

So far I am an elite imp, and it took so much more effort than other characters to level him up due to his damage output. He is definitely more challenging than he was in GW2.


I use his impkata more for finishing people as quickly when at least below 50% health, but even then, Imp seems so fragile with 75 health like nightcap, but imp doesn’t have any escape abilities. He can use his mech if it’s not on cooldown, but other than hoping that double jumping and sprinting to not get killed due to his small size allows him to escape, he requires a whole lot more skill. His damage output isn’t as great compared to other characters, especially when he’s supposed to be a glass cannon. He’s fragile but doesn’t have a cannon potential. His gravity grenade ability isn’t that large compared to nightcap, and most people can easily escape from it.


But the thing I don’t like much about imp is his primary damage output. The mech has the same amount of health as an oak, but requires a two minute cooldown. It makes the mech seem like an actual glass cannon. But if nothing else is buffed, at least fix the bug where whenever the mech self destructs, the imp stands completely still and cannot move or shoot for a few seconds afterward. 

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