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Re: no legendary

by Jonny_Castilloux

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no legendary

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Been playing constantly now running on Grandmaster 1&2 still haven't had a single legendary item drop. Even with all my gear with +luck still hasn't made a difference. 

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Re: no legendary

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People are having a lot of issues with loot drops.  Some people who are at level 30 are not even getting blues and purples, they are somehow locked into white and green.  It's too bad too bad we dont know if you not getting a legendary is extraordinarily bad luck, or if it's a bug.  It might be worth reporting as a bug just in case though.


I've only got one since I started playing, myself and that was before the patch, so I wouldn't know how often it should happen.

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Re: no legendary

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Come to think of it, I doubt Bioware even knows if it could be a bug.

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Re: no legendary

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I still don't think people know for sure if %luck is boosting the "quantity" of drops or the "quality"... maybe you can look at the drops you are getting with high luck vs with no luck and see if they %rolls for the numbers on the affixes are higher with luck or not.

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Re: no legendary

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Same here.  GM1 and GM2 no difference in rewards.  All purples and blues.

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Re: no legendary

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Re: no legendary

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I had a weeks break from Anthem until the loot fix was patched in. If anything, the loot is actually worse in my experience since the update.


Six hours running Strongholds on GM2, zero upgrades and zero legendary drops.


At present, Anthem feels completely unrewarding, and so, I'm out until its fixed.

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Re: no legendary

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Yes, the loot is worse for me too since the 3/15 patch.

I haven't gotten a Legendary drop since then.

I'm at %90 Luck

I think something is broke on PS4
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Re: no legendary

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im runnin with an 83% up to 96%  luck dependin on what javelin im flyin.

In strongholds i do get  MW items as well Not by the dosen but still it varies from 1 to 5 on each run  i havent seen a single Legendary dropin in a stronghold run btw..

Still in legendary contrats and free roamin in both gm1 and gm2 difficulties the rate of drop at least for me for masterwork is double from the stronghold runs

Also i got a few legendary items but i got em from free roaming only so far .

Hope my info helps a bit .

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Re: no legendary

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I ran last night trying out the luck % only had 2 items with 68 luck l, I did all 3 strongholds each one atleast 5 master items and 1 legendary, I watched utube vids about the luck some saying 90 or between 80 to 90, but with 68 I got my results, so maybe give it a shot, maybe I just got really lucky good luck 

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