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loot was not raised in GM2/3

by allentissot

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Re: loot was not raised in GM2/3

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@Nightrun5464 wrote:

Crazy loot with no luck at all.  Dont go on the streets because you get run over by something.  Loot is 10x better in gm3.  Every run I have at least 7 masterworks.  Lego every other run.


This community is the worst I have ever seen.  Nothing will make anyone happy.  


Honestly I would just remove your forums.

Me too since they pretty much only post on Twitter and Reddit. Whats the point in having forums if they dont use them?

Don't get me wrong, I love the game play and combat, tried D2 and hated the cover s h i t and hence back - But:

1: The loot system is broke (The lucky few get showered in Legendaries whilst the rest of us only ever get epics and a few worthless masterworks)

2: Quickplay is totally broke (and BioWare haven't got a foggy)

3: Strongholds are broke, You have a 90% chance of spawning in at the boss (Caused solely by Bioware refusal to up the drop rate to pre nerf levels where it was fun everywhere)

4: Freeplay is empty and lonely


So why, after spending £60 on an unfinished and bug ridden endgame (OK has great combat mechanics) can't we complain about how we were lied too. We still want the game to succeed, BUT can you honestly say you are happy with the state of the game.

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