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legit redic

by JazzTroll

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legit redic

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The amount of cheaters make the game unplayable, literally per game i encounter someone running with Wingman 6k kills and  9k headshots, running with white armor not missing a single shot, i just played like 10 - 15 games and i was about to Alt+F4 at thee 7th but said to myself hey lets not get toxic might be a good player but after i lost 2-4 games in a roll with the same scenario things got pretty redic.Spectating every single time to makes sure.So is there any point in reporting whatsoever? And i know  this wont change anytime soon so basically why am i playing? Life-line with Wingman and white armor wiping the whole team few games in a row. So what does that mean? Things are going to be like this forever? Nothing is going to change? No one at respawn/EA has any ANY suggestions how to fix this? Do i have to wait years to get the cheaters number reduced to a playable stage? Bcs i am reporting only ppl who are obvsly cheating am not reporting left and right. And its pretty easy cause they don't even try to hide it? Nobody is giving a duck about being reported so they are not even trying to hide the fact they are cheating?

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Re: legit redic

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You never saw Shroud, Dizzy, Mendo, or any good players have you?

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