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by mazzalupi

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Ping to server needs to be limited to under 100 (or lower if possible). Battlefield needs to set a better standard. I get that it varies from player to player and according to their set-up distance from server etc. but 200+ ping players (and I've seen several in the 300+ range, some even as high as 999) can ruin the experience for a side. There may even be a disadvantage/advantage at a squad level (anecdotal at this point but I have noticed an improvement in squad performance when there is a lower ping player on the team). Is it possible that squads are synced to match the slower squad mate's ping - potentially messing up the game for the opposing team?

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Re: latency

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Hey @mazzalupi 

Ping limitation will probably come as option with private servers, we will see when they come.


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