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Re: is Apex dying?

by bwhite2017

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Re: is Apex dying?

@CIossky they earned those millions. I've spent money on Apex and do so not because I need to. But I spend a little bit of money here and there to support a game I enjoy. EA, Respawn and the devs who work on the game earned every penny of it IMO.

I'm okay with the slower content releases right now. Work from home has created a ton of challenges for all businesses and their staff. I've been impressed with what they have been able to provide so far.

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Re: is Apex dying?

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@DarthValtrex totally agree with ya, even I spent some money at the beginning with pure heart and honesty to keep a beautiful thing going BUT ....things started to change in a bad way.
sorry to say but as you said they earned every penny but the question is what they did with it ???
maybe Apex was a filler, a quick moneymaker to be released in a sudden the way they did and let it make whatever money it can then just throw it away.
do they have any plans to use SOME of that money to at least upgrade servers?
we always get the excuse " they are working from home ", ok ...accepted with all respect BUT then we will be expecting a BIG FREAKING HUGE improvement, new content, and upgrades once everything is back to normal on their side especially now there are new gears on both PC and console.....or am mistaken?
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Re: is Apex dying?

@DarthValtrex In my opinion working from home is not a good excuse any more. It has been this way for 7 months now. There are things companies can do to make working from home better. And they cant even use the unstable economy as an excuse as they have benefited from it.
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Re: is Apex dying?

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@hayhor I don't know about the rules of each country but many countries opened up, talking about my self I interact with people every day at my work and not only my colleagues even outsiders, and that never stopped me or anyone in here to do our jobs perfectly.
but at the end, everyone has the right to protect their safety but I will say it again, we should be expecting big things from our friends at Respawn when everything is back to normal so there will be 0 excuses and I have faith that they can deliver great things IF they have the will to do it
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Re: is Apex dying?

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@hayhor There's nothing that can be done to match in studio productivity, I'd say not even by far. Poor communication, bad security, logistics and networking issues, interruptions, desynchronizations, lower motivation and so on break the team's cohesion, which is key in this field.
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Re: is Apex dying?

@DoYaSeeMe I'm not saying there are no challenges. There are but there are also investments that can be made to help. We have a software department and they seem to be flourishing, tho they do not make video games. They use tools for communicating and updating project statuses and logistics. IT has helped with security and networking upgrading our system.

Again, if they said these things were an issue 3 months in that is fine. But we are 7 months in and 3 months in we knew this would he at least a 1 year thing. Take some of the profits and invest it in tools that help the devs.
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Re: is Apex dying?

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@hayhor That word though, investment. They're not going to put much extra money in to deal with these things so they'll just muddle through till the return of a more normal work environment and having most of the stuff pre packed for future seasons, they could have brought some things forward or restructured their releases. Plenty in the vault they could have toyed with.


The concept of working overtime or catching up on weekends is lost on Respawn staff which they've already stated (along with becoming complacent and lacking foresight) so inevitably through lounging about at home things would fall back in terms of productivity and if this was just during the Covid period i would be more sympathetic but they've had lacklustre content releases and fixes since launch.


Not much has really changed now from before.


What i find surprising is some here defend Respawn (traditionally the same people even when respawn is clearly at fault) like they're doing their best when other developers are still able to pull through during these trying times and get things done.


60-80 people working solely on Apex currently and all we've had this season is rereleased LTMs and no new map for over a year.

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Re: is Apex dying?

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@DarthValtrex they earned those millions INITIALLY. When the game was released everyone thought it was genuinely promising, and a lot of gaming journalism outlets (despite the fact that most of them suck) hyped the game up to be the next Fortnite killer. Obviously this isn't the case, but the problem wasn't nor isn't the fact it failed to kill Fortnite, the problem is that the Apex Devs have failed to deliver constantly, despite the numerous amount of community feedback. 


Audio has been a problem since day 1, and that hasn't been resolved to this day. Same with crappy hit-reg and net-code, AND overall server quality. There's a lot of map geometry bugs that have been pointed out by content creators and those still haven't been fixed. Slow content deliver has always been a point of criticism since a few months after the game was launched, and even though obviously Covid has impacted this, it's definitely wrong to chalk the entirety of slow content deliver up to Covid's fault. Even then, the content we do get is poorly implemented and designed, with no real thought put into how it actually works, but rather how good it looks on paper. The game not feeling fresh or having different ways to enjoy playing is still an issue even though people have been requesting and suggesting numerous ways to combat this on here and on Reddit. 


I play a lot of Early Access games on Steam, and its really astounding to see how little Respawn works compared to them. Gunfire Reborn and Craftopia being really prominent examples of getting an astounding amount of work done DESPITE the Covid working conditions. Craftopia was released for Early Access on 9/4, and subsequently had updates on 9/6, 9/8, 9/9,9/10, 9/11, 9/15, 9/16, 9/17,9/18,9/19,9/24, and 9/25 alongside their alpha roadmap for upcoming work. Using Covid as an excuse for slow content when slow content has been an issue since launch is just saddening. 

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Re: is Apex dying?

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@Axs5626Sxa5001 why do you think "thinks arent looking good" the game has a stable playerbase, we still get updates,etc. Sure there are issues but these are far from ruining the game.
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Re: is Apex dying?

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Dear everyone in EA and respawn. You have constantly let me down in apex since the start of Season 3.  Every new season that has come out you have turned more towards the typical EA game way and have only wanted to make players spend money for you to do nothing.  We pay money for skins, battle pass, and much more only for you to keep the money and come out with the same season just different skins. You have all of the money in the world that you can pay your employers with but yet you still cannot seem to fix glitches and issues that have taken place since season 1. Perfect examples, your servers, your characters, your hit box ratios, weapon damage, players shots not registering “not to mention that’s never been fixed still”, your LTM’s that you never listen to players of what they want back. Let me give a little insight from what I know.  You brought the dummies big day twice when nobody had asked for it. You didn’t want to bring back solos when it’s been asked for, you didn’t want to bring back fight or fright, you didn’t want to bring back simple things like that cause it wasn’t in your agenda. Your character Wraith has had the worse hit box since the start of the game that still hasn’t been fixed.  You can shoot at her point blank and she still doesn’t take the damage that she is supposed to. If she crouches you literally can never shoot her because she’s impossible to hit. Your servers still fail to stay alive because it takes forever to find a different server, we randomly lag out of servers and take us forever to get back into, in ranked you are still putting golds in diamond servers. Just yesterday I had a high honor to see 2 diamonds and a gold on the same team. I was a diamond 4 getting teamed up with golds as well.  Your servers in ranked are the main thing that always ends up being broken and somehow your rule when you reach platinum of having a 1 tier difference is truly a joke if it isn’t applied. When you are charging with a shield battery and you hit a 0.0 how is it I’m still waiting an extra second and still getting killed when my shield battery should have been charged up by then.  Just curious on that.   Sometimes it seems you only go with what the twitch players and streamers say and not care with we non streamers care about.   It’s season 6 and close to season 7 and yet we are still experiencing shots not being registered especially when they should have.  The weapon damage is still unbalanced etc.   might I add another thing. You lowered the TTK by lowering the shields only to where you can have a max of 200 health and it was a GREAT IDEA but you took it away most likely because twitch players came about and complained.   One good idea you had to make things go faster ended up going away because of that. I would rather see y’all do something productive with the money given to you when players play and buy your event skins and more instead of not fixing what needs to be fixed like the things I have mentioned above. 

A Concerned Apex Player 

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