how people saying that bf1 and bfv is better than bf2042? all 3 are crap

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Re: how people saying that bf1 and bfv is better than bf2042? all 3 are crap

@EdwinSpangler The server name isn't ringing a bell unfortunately but that doesn't mean anything, my memory is atrocious. Are you on Xbox by any chance?

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Re: how people saying that bf1 and bfv is better than bf2042? all 3 are crap

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Everyone has their favorite BF title(s).  Personally, I wasn't all that fond of BF4 to be honest.  My interest in the BF franchise began dwindling after BF3 which I thought was still one of the best.  I never got into 1942 (because of other games occupying my time) but I really liked Vietnam and BF2.  BF2142 followed and then the Bad Companies.  BF3 was the peak for me.


I bought and played BF4 but just wasn't that in to it I guess. BF1 was the last title I ought in the series and that was a while after release when it was on sale. The main reason I didn't enjoy it as much must have been the setting.  With all the WW2 burnout going on, the WW1 setting just felt like more of the same to me but worse because of the weapons, etc.  


When BFV rolled around, the tired, worn out WW2 theme was uninspiring.  ....and then the wild reveal video which looked more cartoony than serious.  ....and then the back and forth nonsense between a few trolls and the EA/DICE team about inclusiveness, etc.  I stopped following the development at that point and wrote the game off.  I only played it when it became available as a free game through my PS+ subscription.  I was glad I never bought it. 


The campaign was ok but short as always.  The MP was uninspiring.  ....then BF2042 was announced and I was ready to write that off too because of their creative decisions until the Portal reveal.  That's what convinced my friends and I to buy the game and where we spend 99% of our time now.

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