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Re: hacks destroying game

by adidasPowah

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Re: hacks destroying game

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@EA_Blueberry wrote:

@TheImmortalEnt wrote:

Listen guys. Stop saying banning VPNS doesn't work. It does, because it forces people to buy new vpns each time they get IP banned. The only people who say it doesn't work is those who have something to gain from VPNS.

@EA_Blueberryplease respond if you guys actually IP ban or not and why/why not

We do not discuss what our anti-cheat teams do on the backend. That would only benefit those looking to play the game illegitimately. Thumbs up

what about new players have to be 50+ lvl to play rankeds or have battle pass ?


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Re: hacks destroying game

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I maybe terrible at this game, but every now and then someone melts me in a suspicious manner and needs to be reported. I really hope Respawn can get the cheater problem under control before the player base starts vanishing.

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Re: hacks destroying game

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You're actually wrong. I personally use a gaming vpn, not a generic one. There's a difference. Even if someone would get ip banned, It would have no effect on the vpn they're using.To gain what? Basically to play on different servers because I have friends living on different continents. Ping would range from 50 to 150 pending on the server.  All have 0% packet loss. Only problem would be a short latency lag(not often at all) which then gets you killed cause the other squad sees you before you see them.  So, before you start making comments or stating "facts" that are blatantly ignorant  , put down your bowl of cereal and do some research



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