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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

by ChickenAlas

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got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Yup, I was just ASTONISHED. I'm not a big fan of EA so idk if it is normal for their games.

I've played 10 games this morning (It's morning in my country. Good afternoon if it is not in your area.) and each game I got at least 1 cheaters.

7 of them are aim-bots which can be easily told after watching them killing other squads (Their sights are locking at heads man) and 3 of them are my teammates who ran straightly to enemies without seeing them and 1v3 within a minute.

I reported them one by one but it is tiring. Hackers ruined your game experience and you'll have to spend your own time to report.

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

Community Manager

Hey all, please do not share links to any cheats you may see as doing so is technically a breach of the AHQ User Rules and Guidelines.


From here on out, any sharing of videos or naming of users and accusing them of cheating or linking to cheating sites will result in bans.


If you are in game and suspect a user of cheating then please report them by following the steps in this link:


We take all reports very seriously and will fully investigate.





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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Should I simply stop playing and wait until EA fix this problem or that will be forever? Apex is a great game but I feel awful when get killed by aim-bots while I'm actually good at this game.

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Folks, if you find a cheater, try and record them. Post it on youtube. Make it go viral and then EA will have to do something. 

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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i doubt it 

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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There's only so much that can be done in a f2p game. It's very easy to create a new account if you get a ban, so they can return in a matter of minutes if needed.

That's not me saying nothing should be done, but rather it's hard to do something.


In some other games you see it happen in waves. Either during in-game events or simply weekends.

I come from Planetside 2 where there has been some periods in time with relatively big problems in hacking/cheating. Mainly when people figured out how to alter the hitbox sizes. It was never "totally out of control" but it can easily feel that way if you happen to run into just 2 or 3 of the sinners in a short period of time. It's so easy to have your day/weekend wrecked by a few incidents.

- again I'm not saying it's only happening with a few people, just saying it's important to take a chill pill and be realistic about it too. Remember "when we're good they never remember - when we're bad they never forget" kinda apply to this.


Will Respawn/EA need to keep an eye on the problem? Sure. And I think they will. A game dying because people leave is not a healthy game. But again it's not logical to just ban every single person reported for cheating. People who are new to the genre will see every skilled player as a cheater because they simply seem to have aimbot-like tracking. So every single case has to be looked into individually.


In due time when the community report exploits etc the tools to monitor these things will benefit us all. Look at PUBG where 1.000.000 accounts were banned in january 2018 alone. It takes time to find out what's being done by the cheaters, find out how to track it and after that take action.


TL;DR - Yes, cheaters suck. No, they're not all over the game even if it feels like it. Action will be taken.

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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You think they care all that much? Their report system takes too much time and effort than actually making an account and using an aimbot/esp yourself for people to even bother reporting every single cheaters. Just let it rot and die the way they want it to. Good games come and go. Maybe this game is just not really that good and planned out well the way people pretend it to be.
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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Im almost lvl60 now. 


I have seen one single person i think he/she was cheating. And im not 100% sure it was a cheater. 


Where to heck do you guys find all these cheaters ? A i playing a different game ?!?!?

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Do you know the world is kind of big? and there are different countries spread around the globe? and that there are different servers for different regions, right? All right, now... think about it for a minute.
I invite you to play in any Asian server and I'm 100% positive/sure you would encounter a cheater almost every game. Please don't tell me you are playing on console lol
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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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This is a free game. Reporting won't do absolutely nothing. A ban? 30 sec later they come back with a new account. They are not going to put any ressources to fight cheaters for a F2P game. They don't even do it for TitanFall 2 or BF series.


16k banned accounts? The only thing that this means for a F2P game is 16k new accounts.

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Re: got cheaters 10 out of 10 games.

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Asian servers are the most polluted ones...
Can you tell me which server you're in? It might be laggy for me but that's way better than facing tons of cheaters.
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