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* fix it

by MyCanklesHurt

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* fix it

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Seriously! Wtf is this *? Why even put knockdown shields in the game if they dont protect you?

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Re: * fix it




That clip looks like you were lagging.

Did you experienced any connection that game ? 



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Re: * fix it


@MyCanklesHurtThat looked really weird. You had a level 3 shields but it looked like he 1 shot you through it. But it must've been a headshot from the peacekeeper. Which means either he had an angle to shoot you, or the shield was down, or the shot went through the shield. It looked to me like the latter option. You could post this in the bug reports forum so someone could look into it.

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Re: * fix it

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@MyCanklesHurt same thing happen to me yesterday blue shield 1 shotted
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Re: * fix it

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@Zeelmaekers that was no lag because other guys came walking in the door perfect. Hit detection on this game is screwed..

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Re: * fix it

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No I wasn't lagging, i went down due to poor aim and bring rushed by two people at once.

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Re: * fix it

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I concur, knockdown shields are not effective at all.


This is just someone shooting down on you over your shield. Honestly, I think the knockdown shields should be a fully covering bubble around you.


Thirsting is the meta because of the lackluster knockdown shields.

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Re: * fix it

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That's really odd,lag, shield wasn't quite up, or now the cheaters have a hack for the knockdown shield...


I've never had anyone take out my shield in one shot...

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Re: * fix it

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they are jumping and shooting with aimbot and getting the headshot thats how they are doing it.

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Re: * fix it

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I was talking about a Purple Shield breaking with 1 shot, unless now an Aimbot hack is doing this...


I understand Aimbots, wasn't aware they are also breaking shields in one shot...

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