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Re: duo mode is a joke

by B3ntar

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duo mode is a joke

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still no partner in duo's


so does it matter on the legend you pick or your rank? playtime???



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Re: duo mode is a joke

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@mikogibo i think not. the problem is well known and the majority of people have it from all levels and K/D or rank.

also when i finaly get a teammate its mostly a lvl 12 or something that i have to drag trough to game while he/she walks like a duck behind me ADS the whole game :P
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Re: duo mode is a joke

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kinda weird how i can solo queue 7 times with no partner and still drop and see 90% of people dropping with a duo


unless they all just so happen to be friends or on discord


maybe they learned...who knows

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Re: duo mode is a joke

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wow 5th time i tried i got to teammate.

a octane who immidatly jumped solo (not where i as jumpmaster was heading) then he died within 3 sec called me a noob and left.


getting close to my breaking point now.

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