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Re: does anything work properly in this game

by SethCurry

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does anything work properly in this game

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I don't wanna say anything about cheaters, because its old story for this game. But code leaf is very often, i need 2-3 attempts to get in the match. Even after match i get code leaf ! I have very good internet connection without bufferbloat or packetloss and playing on servers with 20-30 ms ping! game crashed today twice in 10min, first time after receiving that loading wallpaper, than i reopen the game and lose 2 ranked points again from previous match what i lost and game immediately crashed again. One day hit reg is very good, another day i shot a enemy who is very close to me and no hit detection, no damage numbers at all. I could kill him twice till he * reloading but i die because game didn't  recognize damage. Do one finisher with gibraltar (daily mission), already finished enemy twice but game won't recognize. Matchmaking in ranked: I am gold 2 and all the time i am matched with silver 1 & 2 ranked players who land on small compound where is no enough loot for one player. What is point of your ranked system? Why this game never match me with players who are rank above mine. What is the point of your missions if i have to knock players in some area and i have to drop 4-5 times to make one knockdown because everytime i drop there i find only ammo or lvl1 shield, sometimes monzabique. Today first medkit found after 7th match. Your game is free to play for reason because its full of bugs and main bugs still exist in game. I bought battle pass but i wish i burned that money!

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Re: does anything work properly in this game

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The bullet registry part is usually a hacker to be honest. The registry is garbage in the game as it is, but they have a hack where 2 people on the squad NEVER have armor (rare occasions they pick it up which is how you know it's not a visual glitch) The other guy, which is the one that controls the actual hack (the other 2 people are AI) has full armor and everything else that goes with it. You'll see them never pick up armor pretty much the entire game and almost NEVER take ANY damage no matter how many people are shooting at them. The only times I've seen those guys go down is to another hacker squad that I spectate right after.


For Code leaf I never get the message so I'm one of the lucky guys I guess lol. I only get code net but that's only once whenever I launch the game if I keep playing I never get it again until I restart the game.

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Re: does anything work properly in this game

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@Third3yeBlind the only part that work flawlessly is the micro-transaction.
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Re: does anything work properly in this game

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@Third3yeBlind The store works perfectly . Never seen any issues with that
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