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Re: damage boosts not stacking right

by xDyze

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damage boosts not stacking right

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So today I did all the math and followed as close as you could to all the damage boost and yes i did this all from the base value that the damage item (ponder infinity) had and took the boost added then together and the number is way higher then what is in game wanting to know why. The game doesn't say how much damage resist the creatures have so I cant take that into affect. now i have Ponder Infinity that gives 60% more electric damage when hovering plus 50% damage on inscription, Seal of the Open Mind with inscriptions +13%damge to Ponder and +15% to gear with the suit icon so to Ponder as well. I have soothing touch legendary with inscription +30% gear dmg with suit icon i have lelmental rage which gives 100% more elemental damage when at 20 stacks which is easy to do. Also i have elemental conduit when 35% elemental damge of base damage which i know you can only add to the base damage number of the Ponder Infinity. I have mark of wrath with the 50% to damage and 20% reduction to rechares but when 2 is on recharge my Ponder gets 50% more damage. i have mark of ruin, gunsliger's mark , token of the master, token of the pupil all of these are on. my point is that if you take all the numbers from the base damage of the Ponder Infinity and try and make it hit hard you cant with all of these on and timing them perfect th most damage youll get is 33k which is way and i mean way under what it should be. If you add all the boost to Ponder Infinity and put them together you should be hitting around 50K or more with it. now i cant be the only one with this problem but i would like to know is the game this bugged i have been playing for over 130 hours. I LOVE the game but if you cant build a max javelin like you want what is the point?

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Re: damage boosts not stacking right

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Been noticing this aswell, bonuses dont seem to be adding up.
its either a % cap on each bonus or some just arnt stacking together, like assault rifle, wpn and impact. It might just pick the highest one.

Could also be like the +max shield/armor inscriptions which seem to only work on weapons.

Most of these things would be answered with a stat screen. My guess is its not implemented simple because the bugged stats wouldve been to easy to spot at that time and will most likely be patched in when the game really leaves beta in a few months.
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