cowardly gaming tactics with a drive scanner

by YAZtheYET1

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cowardly gaming tactics with a drive scanner

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you better watch out in hazard zone people be using cowardly tactics by scanning the drives you be carrying now i am not saying everyone doing this is a coward just the ones not actually running around to find drives hiding in a spot not playing the game and shooting the ones who are actually playing its kinda annoying. I figured in 2042 they would have tech like a bag that you put the drive in that would mask the outgoing signal I mean even in our time they have such a thing. Is DICE messing with us or what to make it so people can keep scanning your location just because your actually trying to play the game. Now don't get me wrong i still think hazard zone is one of the best game modes but people being able to and always using it to find my location because i picked up a drive is discouraging me to even pick up drives in the first place. So i am asking if there is anyway you can take the ability to scan drives people out of the game to make the game more sporting as well as more balanced and to stop the cowardly tactics of scanning peoples drives and not even looking for any of your own.


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Re: cowardly gaming tactics with a drive scanner

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@YAZtheYET1I don't feel eliminating it altogether is the way to go, but it can definitely be tweaked. For example, you shouldn't be able to just see all the rings when you look through the monocular. Maybe if you instead have to perform a scan that will then show the rings in that area, with a long cooldown before you can do so again, that could be a good way to go about it.

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