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best/favorite Guns Discussion

by FooooooFighter

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best/favorite Guns Discussion

★★★★ Novice

What are everybody's opinions on best non sniper guns to use? I felt like automatic AR's felt weak.. lmg's too.. do you think using one of semi auto snipers as an AR substitute will be viable? 

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Re: best/favorite Guns Discussion

★★★★ Apprentice

Overall, I like the gun types in the game, but some are too weak and some need more distinction.  Here are some comments:


-All weapon accuracy should be a little higher while standing still, and a little lower while moving....but don't increase/decrease shotgun pellet spread based on this - that makes no sense and games that do this are dumb.  It should simply change the center of the pellet pattern, not the wideness of the pattern.


-Snipers and heavy pistols seem good overall.


-Shotguns seem weak in general - decent damage doesn't make up for terrible range and reload time.  It's almost a melee attack that you have to reload.  I think simply reducing pellet spread by about 33% and upping the damage by about 10% would make them useful.


-Submachine guns (automatic pistols) also have too little range, but pretty good otherwise.


-There needs to be more of a difference between autorifles and light machine guns.  I think light machine guns should have special bonus accuracy (even more than the general moving/standing suggestion) while standing still.  Maybe add a slightly longer reload for balance.

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Re: best/favorite Guns Discussion

★★★★ Novice

I've always been more of a semi-auto sort anyways, but it is mostly working for me. The only enemies I have trouble with are those with shields, it feels like I get their shield down by the time my magazine is empty.. and as I'm reloading their shields come back.


I wonder if this is how the NPCs feel fighting us...

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Re: best/favorite Guns Discussion

★★★★ Apprentice

I only have a couple of issues with the weapons:


  • All weapons need an accuracy buff once you stop moving.
  • The Torrent autocannon needs a slightly faster wind-up time. It's painfully slow for the minor damage increase vs. other weapons.
  • Shotguns don't show up early enough in-game.
  • Scout Rifles vs. Heavy Pistols is pitfully imbalanced. Yes, pistols have a heavier damage drop off, but since everything in this game is within 50 m for the most part, it doesn't really make a difference. Overall: Heavy Pistols > Scout Rifles.
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Re: best/favorite Guns Discussion

★ Pro

Not used guns that often, I mean who brings a gun to a knife fight?


(Interceptor), but when I do use guns I am loving the Trajector and the Whirlwind sniper rifle.


The Trajector is nice for finishing off weak enemies, and the Whirlwind is great for rapid fire sniping enemies shields before closing in on them.

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