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Re: anti cheat bug, how to bypass it

by warslag

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anti cheat bug, how to bypass it

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currently if you enter the apex legends game, and dont have any other program running, when you are in the lobby and start the game if you press alt+tab to return to the desktop you cant do it. before if you held down the alt+tab and got to desktop then pressed the mouse button on desktop this would stop the anti cheat from stopping you going to desktop when in the game, but they patched this.


i tried to do different mouse clicks to break this and couldnt, so i played the game for a few hours then late at night i got to wanting to hear my korean girl groups sing and played their music video using mpc-hc, the video i downloaded, and the beatles song you never gave my your money.


so i start the game with the song playing in mpc-hc video player in windows 10 64 bit, and have the video minimized to taskbar, then to start apex legends i click the apex legends icon the game put on my desktop, not the origin icon the apex legends icon.

then in the lobby and in the game i could press alt+tab to go to desktop whenever i wanted, i didnt have to press alt+tab then click the desktop with my mouse.


so by playing my music video in mpc hc then starting the game i bypassed the apex legends security that tries to stop me from going to desktp by pressing alt+tab when the game is running.


i think there is something carried over from the video player into the apex legends game, that makes the security null value.


to fix this you might have to go to a new desktop monitor a second screen so then lock out the first screen. this will let the security run without anything being carried over from the currently open screen.


i cant put this in the bug report section because that requires a log file error report and i dont have one.


dont erase the thread this isnt anything bad its a bug report so you can fix your anti cheat.


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Re: anti cheat bug, how to bypass it

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You are currently on a goose chase.

Alt tab is, has and will always be possible.

If it doesn’t work it’s because there are issues in your environment.

A simple test could be to run windowed mode - or change your windows resolution.


Cheaters have many ways to activate their hacks. It doesn’t have to be from desktop after them game has started. 


Keep up the hunt Standard smile



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Re: anti cheat bug, how to bypass it

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Re: anti cheat bug, how to bypass it




If you run Apex in borderless window you should be able ALT+TAB to desktop.


You can either run borderless window mode by changing the display mode in Settings / Video:



Or by adding command line arguments in Origin / Game Properties / Advanced Launch Options:


  1. Right click on Apex Legends in your Origin game Library
  2. Select "Game Properties"
  3. Then select "Advanced Launch Options"
  4. Copy and paste the following into the field underneath "Command Line Arguments": -noborder -window
  5. Click "Save"

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