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Your most hated drop?

by IRDaWinrar

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Re: Your most hated drop?

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@lengy19 wrote:

Papa pump, I swear to god if I get another legendary papa pump I’m going to rage. I had 2 just last night bringing my total lego papa pump count to six! It’s disgusting... and they all rolled trash!


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Re: Your most hated drop?

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Inscription range is my most hated drop. The only preffered drops in MW weapons for me are those that have "minor primary" shield/armor up to 50% and "major primary" weap dmg up to 175%. Really the best combination, considering how weak "minor primary" is. For gear I seek recharge speed and gear dmg.


As for the rest types of inscriptions they are a total mess. First of all the "Dmg" inscription that boosts all the dmg - its limit is 30% for MW and even Lego, that is supposed to have better inscription range. There are plenty inscription that appear to be completely useless with their stats. Bioware boosts weapon and gear perks, giving 135% melee dmg or 250% gear dmg, and a list of incriptions like 1% dmg, 1% ice dmg, even lego component presented me 3% elemental resist.


Basically, you cant build an interesting javelin with good combo dmg incriptions, resists, elemental dmg, total dmg and so on, because of rediculous stats. The components itself still have 5% buffs to gear dmg. So the most drops are considered as trash.

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