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You gonna lose more and more

by RedTesta

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You gonna lose more and more

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Putting a single person for in game reporting ( only because SoaR Kobi exposed you had no team for it) from a multi billion dollar company where only "pros" and "top ttv" guys  can report is a joke. WE make up the game not them. The amount of soft hacks , xim, cronusm , strike packs is beyond the pale. I'm watching twitch people who have no business being diamond , with no movement, tracking people at 150 yards with no site on a 301 and you cant even see the enemy ( oh and twitch ban for cheating is only a 3 to 7 day first ban if i'm correct)  Then, the reticule and recoil hacks are blatantly obvious. Talk about tightening up the spread on a havoc hip fire or spitfire will destroy people at same time having a quicker strafe since you're not ads. I've see top , supposed "comp guys" watching the hipfire spread on these guns and its a joke. There is no skill or adjustment for hip firing spread ( im talking specific heavy damage guns like previous mentioned)  This game could have been great. MW option? LMAO the cheating there is worse and actually still going on but at least Activision through out legal notice to CXCheats and they took MW hacks down ( though there are like 200 cheat sites and no blanked legal notice went out) How come EA hasnt done that simple thing for their games? Breaks the license agreement and TOS. i've been gaming a long time, competed yearsss ago and i've never seen so many using macros, scripts , soft hacks , that were not acceptable in the past but its ok now. Its all about the money... simple as that. START CHARGING 20 dollars for the game. Use an anti cheat that works and put a darn team on in game reporting and  maybe put admin's on servers and let US peasants reporting be reviewed. Pleaseeeee change the options for in game reporting of hackers. You've had the same options since season 2 when the overseas hard hacks and XIM came about and the " moving in impossible ways" doesn't apply anymore. The configs being passed around for the "inner" special people is a joke. I wonder if they are excluding specific code in exclusions for the anti cheat for many people. Sad. 

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