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Re: Wounded Soldiers

by TTZ_Dipsy

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Wounded Soldiers

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Wy couldent players be able to drag wounded soldiers to cover?

That would be an awsome function.


I see lots of people just laying in the battlefield dying cause its in a middle of an gunfight.

Would be awsome if you culd drag them out of harms way before reviveing them.

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Re: Wounded Soldiers

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This was suppose to be a feature implemented on launch, unfortunately DICE have stated that they've run into complications with the dragging system and are still working on the kinks. This feature will be added in the near future. 


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Re: Wounded Soldiers

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It's definitely being worked on, and like Dixon said, it will be added at a later date, but there are more pressing issues to deal with first. Just gotta stick with the classic smoke n rez routine until then

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