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by DixonCid3r

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Would i

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So what I would like to talk about is the Practice Range. In the Open Range would it be possible for your team to add more vehicle options, for example if you go over to the plane in the Open Range there is only one type of plane, but would it be possible if you can add a setting in which you can choose which type of plane and if its an allied or axis plane same with other vehicles.

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Re: Would i


Hi @acp08


what game is this about ? You posted in A Way Out

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Re: Would i

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He's talking about BFV, their current practice range added with the tides of war update doesn't offer much variety when it comes to the current planes. You are restricted to I believe the VA Spitfire and cannot use any other plane or customize the spitfire itself to see and visualize the different customization options in the game. I'm sure DICE will update the practice range in the future to give us more content as well and being able to use customize tanks, new weapons and all that good stuff! We just have to be patient.
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Re: Would i

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The release of practice range is very basic for starters. It’s set up now that you use very basic weapons. I believe more will be added to this mode sometime after the holidays.

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