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Worth buying

by bharley2005

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Worth buying

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Is it worth buying or shall I wait till it’s out on ea access 

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Re: Worth buying

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@bharley2005 I would say no, first of all there are healthbar. Wich means you cant spam the repair shop like in Rivals,secondly you cant play as a cop. Wich i find very annoying, since that has been in NFS since 98. EA say they are celebrating 25th years anniversery, then they shouldent made this game only racer based. Anyway my tip is dont be stupid and preorder, wait until its relased and watch som gameplay on youtube. Then you can decide too buy or not, dont let EA fool you.
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Re: Worth buying

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I think it is worth buying, i can tell its already way better than payback and nfs 2015.


as for EA fooling you as the other poster said. I don't think that is the case. i remember the gameplay for payback and it did not differ much from what we got.

Of course the game can change but the gameplay they showed is from a version that was nearly complete so its unlikely they would change much.


I know the game is not going to be perfect, track width has not been revealed to be included in the finished version. i don't know if more customization options have been included. I plan to mod the game to fix the track width at least.


Anyway, you can buy it now and get the preorder bonus or wait and buy it later. the preorder bonus isn't much imo just an additional car, but if you decide to get the deluxe later you will have the car and more, so there is no harm in waiting to see the reviews.


I have preordered it myself, you can always wait for a price drop too.

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