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World Events

by dtr0uble

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World Events

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I am having a hard time getting World Events completed. When the yellow icon pops up and I go there it's just enemies. When I follow the direction icon also it leads me to enemies and that's it. I spent almost an hour flying from one yellow icon to another trying to finish my third world event to get an Elysian Key and failed.

I'm not sure if I missed something about the mission direction icon leading us to enemies or the yellow icon not being a guaranteed world event.

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Re: World Events

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Was this happening during Outlaw Outrage?  Not really sure what that challenge was for.  I guess just a ready way to meet the weekly faction challenges.

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Re: World Events

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NYes during Dominion and outlaw invasions you get directed to groups and once you kill the key person in the group it goes away. Regular events do seem either harder to detect during these events or maybe they don’t populate during those times.


i find the invasions fun so it doesn’t bother me. I don’t even look for the regular events during that time.Usually I get disconnected and upon coming back online the invasion is done or possibly its just an instance on a server.


It also helps for kills towards the challenge of might.   A lot


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Re: World Events

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Yes it was

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