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Wishlist for update

by t5xr2opge

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Wishlist for update

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I'm most looking forward to a team balancing update, because right now it's atrocious. With that said, the rest of the update sounds good, but with the live service coming to an end, I'd really like to see Grind and Rush as permanent game modes.


If it is not too much, Front lines would be nice as well, and maybe even Outpost. I know Grand Operations is the big theme behind BFV, but it eats up a playlist for two game modes that already exist. If player splintering is the problem, playlists like that should be disolved. They take away players from new modes that could vary the overall availability of content in the game. Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Wishlist for update

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@t5xr2opge Would be good to have a variety of games available. I think this will be in community games, currently Dice is investing more in these.
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